IVFMD held a meeting with international experts

Jan 10th, 2019

On July 2018, IVFMD held a meeting with European partners in Barcelona to exchange knowledge and data regarding the latest scientific research. The discussion was around international research and strategic collaboration among the parties. The meeting presented the position of IVFMD, My Duc Hospital in the international arena which established IVFMD as a credible organization in the international research community. IVFMD ability to provide upcoming research orientations was also established. Guests of the meeting include Prof. Hans Evers, Editor in Chief of Human Reproduction which is the No. 1 journal of IVF in the world. Also in attendance was Prof. Siladitya Bhattacharya, Editor in Chief of Human Reproduction Open which is the first open journal of IVF in the world. Bhattacharya is an eminent leader of an International group on scientific research in the field of reproduction. Another noted attendee was Prof. Robert Norman, Robinson Institute, University of Adelaide. He is a founder of Robinson Institute in Australia. It is the top research institute for Reproduction and one of the world's leading research centers in this area. Included in this prestigious group was Professor Ben Mol of Monash University. Professor Ben Mol wins the award for the most prolific contributor of publication on Reproduction with about 1,500 articles written to date!

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