Another research from HOPE research center appeared in Fertility and Reproduction journal

Jul 02nd, 2019

The Fertility and Reproduction journal was first released in early 2019 with the aim to disseminate research and clinical information in all areas of reproduction, especially in the Asia-Pacific Region. Although newly appeared, F&R has attracted readers attention because it has gathered many prestigious scientists in the region and in the world. The HOPE Research Center was honored to have another study appearing on this magazine named "Use of Corifollitropin Alfa for Ovarian Stimulation: A Retrospective Analysis of 804 Women Undergoing IVF / ICSI".

Corifollitropin alfa (Elonva®) in antagonist GnRH protocal is a friendly treatment strategy for patients. Although, currently, there is limited study about using Elonva® on Asian patients. Therefore, the aim of this study is to evaluate the efficacy of Elonva® on 804 infertility couples underwent IVF treatment in Vietnam. The results showed that Elonva® was an effective and safe treatment option for patients. The author of this study is an experienced researcher but this was the first time she appeared as a first author.

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