HOPE Research Center at EHSRE 2022

Jul 15th, 2022

The 38th Annual Meeting of European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology (ESHRE) was organized in Milan (Italy), during July 03-06, 2022. The ESHRE meeting this year had more than 10 thousand participants.

Researchers from HOPE Research Center had a total of 5 presentations at ESHRE 2022: 1 invited speech, 1 oral presentation, and 3 poster presentations.

Invited speech:

Latest development of IVM in assisted reproduction – Tuong M Ho

Oral communication

Long-term development of children born from CAPA-IVM and IVF: follow-up of a randomized trial – Lan N Vuong

E-Poster presentations  

  1. Cumulative live birth rate of oocyte in-vitro maturation with a pre-maturation step in women with polycystic ovary syndrome or high antral follicle count – Pham, A. Le, U. Ha, T. Nguyen, T. Pham, T. Ho, L. Vuong
  2. Polymorphisms in FSHR gene do not affect late follicular phase steroidogenic response in predicted normoresponders. Secondary analysis of a prospective multicenter cohort study. – R. Neves, C. Blockeel, S. Garcia, C. Alviggi, C. Spits, P.Q.M. Ma, T.M. Ho, H. Tournaye, N.L. Vuong, N.P. Polyzos
  3. Association between polymorphisms in FSHR and reproductive outcomes following IVF. Secondary analysis of a prospective cohort study in Europe and Asia – A.R. Neves, S. García, C. Blockeel, G. Arroyo, C. Spits, D. Pham, T.M. Ho, H. Tournaye, N.L. Vuong, N.P. Polyzos


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