Researchers of HRC was honored to receive 4 awards at the Asia Pacific initiative on reproduction (ASPIRE 2019)

Jul 02nd, 2019

In the 9th Congress of ASPIRE , which was held from 2-5 May 2019 in Hong Kong, HRC made a hit with the participants when leading in the number of awards at this largest fertility conference of Asia – Pacific region. Researchers of HRC were honored to receive 4 out of the 10 most important awards of the conference.

Coming to the ASPIRE 2019, Dr. Vu NA Ho  presented his research on “The effectiveness and safety of in vitro maturation of oocytes (IVM) versus in vitro fertilization (IVF) in women with a high antral follicles count (AFC)”, while MSC Mai PQ Ma presented her research on “Correlation between FSH receptor polymorphism and suboptimal ovarian response in Vietnamese women undergoing IVF”. With the impressive presentations, Dr. Vu and MSc. Mai, together made a big hit at the Conference. At the award ceremony in 5 May, Dr. Vu and MSc. Mai received both Best Oral Presentation award and Young Investigator award. This is the 2nd time, Dr. Ho Ngoc Anh Vu, a young and enthusiastic doctor of IVFMD, received ASPIRE's Young investigator award.

Outstanding Oral Presentation is an honor award for outstanding research. After the abstract acceptance, the scientific committee voted and informed top 10 most excellent abstracts. After that, these 10 excellent presentations were voted for the second round and 50% of them were chosen to be awarded.  The Young Investigator Award, which was first begun in 2016, is an award that encourages young researchers (under 40) to present their work to the ASPIRE scientific community. The Young Investigator Award and the Best Oral Presentation award were announced at the closing ceremony of the Conference.

Dr. Vu and MSc. Mai achieved Outstanding Oral Presentation award


Dr. Vu and MSc. Mai achieved Young investigator Awards

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