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IVFMD Vietnam, position after 10 years standing on the shoulders of giants

In the latest meeting with Prof. Ben W. Mol, IVFMD, My Duc Hospital and HOPE Research Center, My Duc Hospital reviewed what has been done since the first meeting of both parties, which was dated back since ASPIRE 2014 in Brisbane, Australia.

According to Prof. Ben’s comments, IVFMD and HOPE Research Center, My Duc Hospital has made steady progress in the field of Assisted Reproductive Technology and Medicine and performing Randomized Controlled Trials (RCTs) since their first met in Brisbane 2014.

To date, we could independently publish our RCT, ideas originated from our own researchers, on The Lancet, one of the oldest and most prestigious medical journal in the world today. The Lancet is over 200 years old. Our RCT on comparing three different endometrium preparation protocols on ovulatory women (namely: natural protocol, artificial protocol, and modified-natural protocol) will be published on The Lancet in recent times.

Prof. Ben Mol praised on our non-stop effort to find which best for our patients, through the number of study we conducted and published. With this, Ben’s vision for the next decade would be that we are able to stand on our own within the field of IVF-neonatal-obstetrics and gynecology research.

We had a meeting with Prof. Ben Mol after ASPIRE 2024 Congress and celebrated our 10 year of collaboration.

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