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About us

HOPE research center is a research department of My Duc Hospital and belongs to HOPE SJC. HOPE research center focusses on research in Reproductive Medicine.

To be a leading clinical research center in Asia in Reproductive Medicine


To be innovative and to facilitate the integration of evidence-based medicine in clinical practice


Honesty – Professionalism – Dedication to patients

Main activities

– Conduct clinical studies in the area of reproductive medicine

– Apply evidence-based medicine to improve patients’ care

– Disseminate new knowledge in reproductive medicine, particularly in Asia

– Increase opportunities and skill base for the staff in research

Research priority areas

– Reproductive medicine (90%)

– Activities related to Obstetrics and Gynaecology (10%)


HOPE Joint Stock Company (HOPE JSC) was established in 2008. HOPE’s owners are mostly health professionals, and leaders are both IVF pioneers and leading gynecologists in Viet Nam.

My Duc Hospital Group is a group of hospitals that belongs to HOPE JSC.

IVFMD Group, a business unit of HOPE SJC, operates 6 IVF centers in Viet Nam. Major IVFMD centers are located at My Duc Hospitals.

IVFMD, which has been the leading IVF group of ASEAN in research and training activites, is the largest IVF group in ASEAN 2019. Medical research is among the strategies of HOPE JSC. Therefore, HOPE JSC would like to promote more investment in medical research with the establishment of HOPE Research Center (HRC), the research department of My Duc Hospital.

HOPE research center focusses on research in Reproductive Medicine.