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Live birth after in vitro maturation in women with gonadotropin resistance ovary syndrome: report of two cases

Ho Long Le1,2, Vu Ngoc Anh Ho1,2, Tam Thi Ngan Le1,2, Van Thi Thu Tran1,2, Mai Pham Que Ma1,2, Anh Hoang Le1,2, Linh Khanh Nguyen1,2, Tuong Manh Ho1,2, Lan Ngoc Vuong1,2,3

Published: 30 November 2021

Author information


Gonadotropin-resistant ovary syndrome (GROS) is a rare endocrine disorder that causes hypergonadotropic hypogonadism, amenorrhea, and infertility. This study reports live birth in two women with GROS who underwent fertility treatment with in vitro maturation (IVM).
Both patients had primary infertility, amenorrhea (primary and secondary), typical secondary sexual characters, elevated gonadotropin levels, normal ovarian reserve, normal chromosomal characteristics, and previous nonresponsiveness gonadotropin stimulations. One patient had polymorphism of the follicle-stimulating hormone receptor, which is a predictor of poor ovarian response. Given unresponsiveness to exogenous gonadotropin stimulations, IVM with human chorionic gonadotropin priming (hCG-IVM) was performed in both patients. All transferrable embryos were vitrified.
Both patients achieved pregnancy after their first frozen embryos transfer, and each delivered a healthy baby boy.
These results suggest that IVM should be a first-line therapeutic option for patients with GROS.


In vitro maturation, Gonadotropin-resistant ovary syndrome, Live birth, Infertility