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International Scientific Debate at the 2024 ASPIRE Congress in Manila, Philippines

The 2024 ASPIRE Congress, held in Manila, Philippines, witnessed a spirited scientific debate on a topic that has been generating significant interest in forums worldwide: fresh embryo transfer versus frozen embryo transfer. The debate pitted representatives from IVFMD Vietnam against their counterparts from Japan.

Vietnamese specialist, Prof. Lan Vuong, was the only country in the ASEAN to be invited on debates in such a big Congress like ASPIRE

Prof. Lan Vuong from Vietnam and Prof. Atsushi Tanaka from Japan engaged in a thought-provoking discussion, presenting evidence and perspectives on the two approaches. Prof. Lan Vuong given her scope with Fresh embryo transfer through her speech, “Individualized approach for embryo transfer: Freeze-all is not for all“.

Both fresh and frozen embryo transfer have their merits, and the choice should be individualized based on patient characteristics, preferences, and clinical context. The evolution of ART continues, and the adoption of freeze-all for most patients appears to be a logical step forward.

IVFMD, My Duc Hospital and HOPE Research Center, My Duc Hospital conducted an RCT to compare the oucomes between two methods and published on Fertility and Sterility in 2016, titled “Freeze-all versus fresh embryo transfer in IVF/ICSI, a randomised controlled trial” (). Since then, IVFMD has been famous for the transfer of Fresh – Frozen embryos.

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