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Dr. Tuong Manh Ho Engages in Global Journal Club Discussion on Recent RCTs in Asia Pacific

Dr. Tuong Manh Ho, esteemed Chairman of HOPE Research Center, recently participated in the Global Journal Club session titled “What are the Recent RCTs in the Asia Pacific Region?” The event brought together leading researchers, clinicians, and experts to discuss groundbreaking clinical trials in reproductive medicine.

This Journal Club event was held by ASPIRE 2024 and chaired by Prof. Kurt Barnhart, Editor in chief of Fertility and Sterility Journal (FnS), with further aim is to organize annual journal club by Fertility and Sterility Journal. Presented at the event, Dr. Tuong was able to share his thoughts on how to organize and conduct an RCT in Assisted Reproductive Techniques, especially in Vietnam.

Dr. Tuong (right) with Prof. Ben W. Mol (left) and Prof. Richard Paulson (middle) at the Global Journal Club event held by ASPIRE 2024

Vietnam is the only representative of Asia to participate directly in this special session of this year’s Aspire Conference.
IVFMD – My Duc team is increasingly famous in the region and the world. No such medical field in which Vietnam has such a valuable researches.

Focus on Evidence-Based Medicine

The Global Journal Club serves as a platform for evidence-based discussions, where experts share insights, analyze research findings, and explore implications for clinical practice. Dr. Tuong’s presence underscores the commitment of the HOPE Research Center to staying at the forefront of reproductive medicine research.

Closing Thoughts

Dr. Tuong Manh Ho’s active engagement in global scientific discourse reflects the collaborative spirit of the research community. As we continue to learn from RCTs and advance reproductive healthcare, the HOPE Research Center remains dedicated to improving patient outcomes. This event also an exhibition that HOPE Research Center’s works are recognized by worldwide researchers/clinical centers/journals.

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